Aspects And Effects Of Modern Technology In Our Society

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Aspects and Effects of Modern Technology in our Society In the last century, the human kind has seen an incredible coming of scientific discoveries, revolutionary inventions and newer technology that would change our lifestyle and our way of thinking in a very radical way. For hundreds of years, the human development of ideas and modern invention would remain in a state of stagnation, but at the end of the 16th century a new movement in Europe called Enlightenment would be established after centuries of darkness and superstitious mindset of the Medieval Times. Although this epoch was associated mainly with the upsurge of reason in the human mind which would contrast the old traditions and irrationality of the Dark Ages, this era without any doubts would contribute to the process of modernization of humanity. The basic concept of the Enlightenment period was the search of more rational and logic explanations to the human condition and the development of scientific fields like; Biology, Chemistry and Astronomy among the others that for hundreds of years where condemned by the current social structure and especially by religious institutions. Many individuals, especially in Europe, would be persecuted and most of the times killed if they would utilize any type of scientifically practice or theory. Galileo, a notorious Italian scientist and astronomer, was almost burned on the stake as he would claim that the sun was not revolving around the earth but the opposite. The Catholic would consider him as heretical, since his theories were opposing the Bible’s scriptures. Scholars argue that this movement has brought a profound transformation in the Western societies, and opened the doors to the development of more sophisticated technologies and scientific discoveries. Probably, the 19th and 20th centuries were the time periods where most technological advancements were
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