Art History: the Last Supper Analysis

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Melissa Major Objective/Subjective Art Historical Analysis The Last Supper Introduction: I chose to write about The Last Supper because it is a common piece of art that I have heard about and seen before. What drew me to this piece of work over the others is that it is a beautiful piece that tells a timeless story. Other pieces drew me in as well but I found myself looking back to The Last Supper the most. While reading about it what made me even more interested about the painting is that it has deteriorated severely over time, which I feel is even more the reason people should learn about it and see it because the original could one day not be here. Body: The Last Supper was created by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo was born poor in Florence and because of his excellence in his artwork he rose to the top and became famous for his artwork. Leonardo was thought of one of the best artists of his time. Many of his paintings are well known and beautiful pieces for example the Mona Lisa, that is one of the most popular renaissance works of art. He created The Last Supper because the Duke Lodovico asked him to paint it on a wall of the church, Santa Maria delle Grazie because that was where the Duke planned to be buried. The duke commissioned Leonardo to do the painting for him. The painting was done on the wall in the dining room of the church; since it is a painting of a meal it seems suitable for that room. The painting overall has a religious meaning; but Leonardo brought other factors like the vivid expressions on their faces into play while creating The Last Supper. The Last Supper was created using the fresco technique, but since Leonardo liked to experiment he altered the fresco so that he could make changes easier. That is said to be one of the main reasons the painting has deteriorated. He used oil tempera to paint The Last Supper onto the wall of the

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