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Art Analysis The piece of artwork I am going analyze is called Baptism of Christ. This painting was painted with oil on wood by two famous Italian Renaissance artists: Andrea del Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci. This also was the first and only piece that the two artists collaborated on, and was the first piece of art that Leonardo da Vinci would be known for. This piece of artwork is not just beautiful, but it is rather important to the history of art due to the new painting technique brought about by young Leonardo, who was in Verrocchio's workshop around 1470 just before the painting was finished in 1475. The painting was started in 1472 and took an entire 3 years to complete. The new technique used in Baptism of Christ by da Vinci is characteristic of a category known as the High Renaissance style, a style that was newly developing in Florence at this time. Da Vinci later became famous for this style, and this fame may not have been brought about if it wasn’t for his participation in Baptism of Christ. Andrea del Verrocchio was an Italian sculptor and painter who worked at the court of Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence. Verrocchio was born to Michele di Francesco Cioni in Florence in 1435 and died in 1488 in Venice. During his short life, he had several students, including both the famous Leonardo da Vinci and Lorenzo de Credi. His work also influenced Michelangelo, another famous Italian Renaissance painter and sculptor. Andrea del Verrocchio was known for many famous paintings, and sculptures such as Christ and St. Thomas, but it was believed that he had reached the pinnacle of his career as an artist through his work on this particular piece. In fact, a widely spread story believed among the common folk was that del Verrocchio felt himself out painted by da Vinci upon completion of Baptism of Christ and vowed never to pick up the brush again. On the other

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