Why Was Quattrocento Important

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Quattrocento also known as the Italian Renaissance was a pivotal time for individuals in the art world. Many artist were discovered and are still considered famous today. These pioneer artist displayed a presence of scientific, cultural and economics through christianity putting forth techniques and ideas that are still used currently.The most renowned 15th century frescoes would be The Sistine Chapel. It is a perfect example of linear perspective in Perugino's Christ Delivering the Keys of the Kingdom to Peter. Some of the most important collection of Renaissance painting would be that of Federico da Montefeltro who helped Urbino flourish in art and culture and commissioned perhaps the largest library in Italy with the paintings in Monefelto's court displaying the first theoretical treatise on perspective. Ludovico Gonzago strongly promoted Mantua for its art and culture he had the church of Sant Andrea rebuilt by Alberti who displayed religion and architectural with a combination of three ancient roman forms temple front, triumphal arch and basilica. The Medici family played a huge role in discovering the great artist of the 15th century. Giovanni de'Medici…show more content…
Leonardo experimented with oils in his paintings along with versatile colors to build up depth and layers. Leonard is later referred to the Duke of Milan by Lorenzo de' Medici were he paints the most famous fresco in history "The Last Supper" and later going on to another famous piece "Mona Lisa". After the passing of Leonardo it was discovered that he had many ideas of machines, tanks and helicopters that could be based on todays ingenuity. Leonardo was even curious about plant and animal life, studying anatomy with corpses that also involved in dissection and research. Leonardo displayed very advanced ideas that are common

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