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Arrow of God Character Analysis

  • Submitted by: Brodrick1
  • on December 3, 2013
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Understanding Ezeulu
  1. In the beginning of the tale Ezeulu is seen and described as a watchman of Ulu. Ezeulu’s true nature is revealed throughout the novel. As chief priest of Ulu he has his home built differently from the rest in the village in order to watch the moon for the harvest. He shows favoritism with his children, has respect for few people in the village and the neighboring village, and Ezeulu dis likes the Europeans. Ezeulu sends his son Oduche to learn the white man’s ways and then decides that the existence of the white man in his land will be destruction.
  2. Ezeulu is a man that reacts on emotion. He is rude. When he sees the neighboring village’s priest chief his sight is ugly and he is close to death. He also told him to eat dung. Ezeulu remains traditional and waits. "That no man however great was greater than his people; that no one ever won judgment against his clan," (230).
  3. Ezeulu’s struggle lies between African tradition and Christianity. The people of his village suffer because he does not waver from tradition. However, Goodcounrty tells the people of the village that if they offer their harvest to the Christian god they didn’t have to suffer for tradition’s sake.
  4. Ezeulu’s will remain strong to cultural tradition and wait until the last yam was left to harvest while the village people suffered. "I only call a new festival when there is only one yam left from the last. Today I have three yams and so I know that the time has not come," (207). Orthodox thinking on Ezeulu’s behalf caused his people to turn on him and the Ulu god for Christianity because of the famine he created amongst them.
  5. In the beginning Ezeulu accepted the white man’s presence and teachings. By offering his son Oduche to learn the Christian way. The Christian conflict with his African religion frightened him. At first Ezeulu did not recognize Oduche’s fearfulness. When Goodcounrty threatens his religious tradition Ezeulu is angered. In the...

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