Argumentative Essay: Do We Have Freewill?

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Do We Have Freewill? I.Statement of the Problem: Do we have freewill? Certainly it would seem we do. I choose to get up and go to school or not; I make millions of decisions every day, some small and insignificant and others life changing. I choose whether to believe in God or not, based on evidence and experiences in my own life. Thus, it would seem quite obvious that we do indeed have freewill. But what if our actions are really all pre-determined, and we only have this illusion of freedom of choice. What if they are controlled by Distinct Causation, the idea that our behaviors are cause by things like genetics, upbringing, and other things over which we have no control (Sober 2002)? God is all powerful and all knowing. Does the fact that he knows what we are going to choose before we choose it contradict free will? Do we have free will despite the fact that our upbringing, genetics, and experiences determine the people we are and many of the choices we make? In order to answer many of the questions I have stated above we must first understand three important concepts in the debate of free will, determinism, free will, and liberalism. II.Determinism According to the theory of universal determinism,…show more content…
Our bodies may be governed by the laws of physics, but we still make choices of our own freewill. God is an all knowing God, but his knowing our choices in advance does not prohibit or even change our ability to make them. God is bound by rules he set in place, he gave us our free will and cannot take that away. With that decision He knew a world would have to exist with good and evil. Some rare instances may occur where free will is altered, such is the case with mental illnesses, where the victim is no longer in control of his or her actions, but in other cases such as abuse or brainwashing, the victim still exercises his or her free will to choose his or her own
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