Anthropology 310: Conversation Analysis

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Anthropology 310 Conversation Project Carolina Lizeth Corea California State University of Northridge 1. Ashley: You’re done already? 2. Nancy: Yea 3. Ashley: Lucky 4. Nancy: Not really I have to do some crazy speech assignment 5. Joanna: Crazy speech? What do you mean crazy speech? *laughs* 6. Nancy: Yes, I have a crazy speech professor 7. Joanna: I took a crazy speech class once, my professor was a total asshole. 8. Joanna: Really? I took a speech class and the professor was really strict but the content wasn’t so difficult. 9. Joanna: How many speeches have you done so far Nancy? 10. Nancy: I haven’t done any, that’s why I’m saying my professor is crazy. All I’ve had…show more content…
Joanna: Alright! Sheesh! See you later Linda, sanitize that thumb girl! *laughs* Conversation Analysis The moment I decided to record my conversation was in a very much unexpected time for my participants. I figured it was perfect, because everyone would continue to be themselves. The participants in the recording were my coworkers. All of them have a bit of a different role at my job. Two of them are customer service employees, and the other two are sales associates. At my job the customer service employees have a higher ranking than the sales associates, but they do not treat each other differently. First, I noticed that Ashley and Joanna spoke to each other with a lot of trust, and both of them are customer service employees. Second, when Linda and Nancy spoke to Ashley and Joana; they used more of a respectful tone to their conversation. It could be, because of ranking since Linda and Nancy are both sales associate. If you refer back to line 6 and 7 you can see that Nancy does not use profanity when describing the professor, but Joanna does. As if Joanna feels more comfortable using profanity because of her…show more content…
We were in the lunch room at my work place, which is a retail store called “Nordstrom Rack”. I thought it would be perfect, because employees are always going in and out of the room. Also, the different conversation topics that come up are amazing. Since at work it is more of a casual dress type of setting, people feel more comfortable speaking to each other in a more casual manner than they would if they worked at a law firm and dressed up in a suits. We wear jeans, and a uniform lime green t-shirt, and at my old position which was at the “Nordstrom” everyone wore suits and dressed in heels including myself. The choice of words aren’t so formal, since the girls have already known each other for a good amount of time they seem quite comfortable speaking to each other in any manner. They tend to use curse words, they do not mind calling each other “bitch, stupid”. Although, some might be less vulgar like Nancy and Linda compared to Ashley and

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