Annotated Bibliography of a Medical Assistance Unit Essay

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Annotated Bibliography of Medical Assistants DeAnna Butler Kaplan University HS100: Introduction to Health Science November 27, 2014 Susan Chapman, Angela Marks, and Melanie Chan (2010). Center for the Health Professions. This article discusses the key issues as it pertains to medical assisting. Even though Medical Assistants are a critical component of small office practices there is little opportunity for a career ladder. While the Medical Assistant role continues to expand, career advancement remains limited. It also discusses the improvements that are needed in MA training, development of new skills, and the retention that is needed to effectively integrate Mas into a team model of care. AAMA Medical Assisting Salary Survey (2011) This was a survey administered in 2004 by mail to 10,000 Medical Assistants. This survey discusses the average salary and hourly pay for both CMAs and non-CMAs. It breaks down wages per geographic region, work setting, practice specialty, and practice location Quallich, S.A. (2005) Medical Assistants: The Future Nurses? Urologic Nursing. 25(5), 389-391 The Author of this article mainly focuses on the difficulties in distinguishing the role between Medical Assistants and Nurses. Tasks that were once assigned to nurses are now the responsibility of Medical Assistants due to the shortage in nursing. Removal of these less complex tasks from the nurses allows them to focus more on the patient. American Association of Medical Assistants. (2011) www.aama-ntl-org This website includes information on FAQs on Medical Assisting and the CMA (AAMA). The mission of the American Association of Medical Assistants is to provide the Medical Assistant professional with education, certification, credential acknowledgement, networking opportunities, scope-of practice

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