Orems Deficit Theory

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Running Head: Orem’s Self-care theory 1

Dorthea Orem’s Self Care Nursing Theory
Rebecca Robinson
Central Methodist University

This paper will explore the work of Dorthea Orem’s Self Care Theory and how this theory can be applied to nursing today. Health care providers become more challenged to care for an increasing number of patients each day, having the patient population assist in their care and wellness will become a necessity in health care. Involving the families will also become important to the care of the patient as well. This is the current trend. Only the acutely ill patients are kept for long stays as an inpatient in the hospital today. Involving the family, as the care provider, the self care theory teaches the patient to provide as much care for themselves as possible. We as nurses then become educators to the patient to avoid re-hospitalization.
Keywords: Dorthea Orem, Self Care Theory, Nursing, Health care, Hospital stay, Educators

Dorthea Orem’s Self Care Nursing Theory Dorthea Orem was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1914. Orem was the youngest of two children both girls. Her father was in construction and her mother a homemaker. She held many nursing roles in her career to include education/educator, administrator, staff, director, and nursing consultant. Orem worked in several different areas of nursing to include medical and surgical nursing, emergency room, and the operating room. Over her career has gained many honorary awards. She completed and received her doctorate in nursing in 1976. Dorthea Orem’s ideas first were developed in 1956 and first published in 1959. Orem developed the Self care deficit theory with a vision of providing the meaning of nursing and identifying the practical components of nursing that can be applied and guide nursing

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