Anne Frank Critique

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Critique During the performance of “Anne Frank’s Diary” play, I heard a broad range of emotions, as all the performers were veterans. Most of my analysis was based on Miep, I believe she did a better job than I did, she could have still shown improvement in her performance. As I was making my analysis, I realized Miep’s tone was much higher than the rest of the veteran performers. Miep had much more dramatic expression than I had. She made a lot of different pitches when it came to being excited or sad. For example, when Miep announced that the great invasion had begun, she had great zeal. During some parts of the play, (act1, scene 2), Miep didn’t use much volume, she was always quiet. In the play Miep’s voice was extremely clear in all of her words and phrases. As I was listening to her performance, I noticed that Miep was talking in a much faster pace than I did, because she was talking very quickly and nervously. The character playing Miep had fluidity throughout the entire play; she knew how to keep things smooth. Miep’s inflection was very unique because she knew how to control her voice very well. She modulated her voice when something dramatic happened, such as when her and Mr. Kraler wanted Mr. Dussel to move in with the Frank’s and Van Daan’s. In conclusion, Miep had a big range of emotions but she could have done some improvement on her pace. I believe over all that the actress playing Miep did a much better than I did. In general I believe all the veterans who had roles did a great

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