Anime Lovers Are Not Losers

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“Usually an Otaku person has nothing better to do with their life so they pass the time by watching anime, playing video games, surfing the internet, dressing up like a retard and being a complete loser.” This is a statement or “definition” from Urban Dictionary. The statement from Urban Dictionary gives off a negative connotation about Otakus (Anime lovers). The person that defined Otakus is an ignorant person who doesn’t really understand what it actually means. The person is just giving an unjustified assumption about a group of people who are fans of anime shows and anime comic books (also known as manga) to the people who search for its definition. This definition is completely based on a biased opinion about Otakus and how they are the hippies of the 21st century. Just because a certain person has an opinion on Otakus, it does not mean what they stated is real or legitimate. Neither Anime lovers nor Otakus should be stereotyped as losers or lowlifes just because they have a different interest or hobby. Anime is a form of art, and an extremely large number of people enjoy drawing, watching and cosplaying as their favorite anime characters because it is their hobby. A hobby is a pastime and people have hobbies because they find what they’re doing is interesting or fun. Everyone has a hobby; an example of a hobby would be collecting Russian dolls, pursuing a sport or dancing. Reading, watching and drawing anime is also a hobby. Some people think anime is only for children, but it isn’t. Young adults or adults who are in their twenties to mid-twenties cosplay their favorite characters from anime such as Sailor Moon, Soul Eater, Bleach and many more and they do it because it’s fun and it is their hobby. Although, even if it is just their hobby and they only do it for fun or for modeling, they are constantly judged by people who do not understand what exactly
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