Angus Cartwright Essay

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Angus Cartwright Angus Cartwright is hired as the investment advisor for John and Judy DeRight. The DeRight’s have a newly acquired passion for real estate and need Angus’ financial expertise to help determine the ‘best’ investment opportunity. Both John and Judy want to purchase a property that is large enough to attract a professional real estate management company, and attain a minimum leveraged return of 12% after tax. In addition, both parties feel that real estate will give them the benefits of diversification, protection from inflation, and some tax advantages. Following his clients investment requirements, Angus will advise Judy to purchase Allison Green and 900 Stony Walk because these two properties have the highest NPVs of the four investments, $734,290 and $699,520, respectively (see Exhibit 6: Financial Analysis). As seen in Exhibit 6, both Ivy Terrace and The Fowler Building have a slightly higher IRR; however, NPV is the best determinant of a projects projected value. By investing in two properties, as opposed to only one, Judy will be better diversified and may receive decreased management fees resulting from increased economies of scale. Also, these two particular properties, with one being a residential property and the other a commercial property, benefit from even greater diversification than if Judy had, for example, invested in Allison Green and Ivy Terrace. Since we are not provided any information regarding Judy’s risk tolerance, I assumed that she will be risk averse because this is her first time investing in real estate. This investment will require a total equity investment of $7.1M, leaving her with a remaining equity balance of $8.9M. This money can be used to cover the cost of any unexpected problems, and placed in more liquid investments, which will contribute to her overall diversification. In the unfortunate event
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