Ancient Olympics & Todays Olympics Essay

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Wahoo! The cheering crowd screamed when the Javelin was thrown. What a cacophony. This moment is not serene. This scene could have been observed in either the modern Olympics or the ancient Olympics. There are many differences between the ancient and modern Olympic Games, and yet, even with the test of time there are many similarities. For instance, they both lit a torch before the games began and there was always a huge crowd. While they are still held every four years, the winter Olympics were added much later. The Greeks never thought of winter games such as skiing, because they never had enough snow, and the weather is much too warm year round. The winter games are also held every four years but they are off-set so that there is some type of Olympics every two years. Because there were no winter games in the ancient Olympics, we are going to focus on the summer games. Ancient Olympics had games such as, boxing, the discus throw, javelin, wrestling, and track and field. All these games were held in both the ancient and modern games. There are also many differences between the ancient and modern games. For example, all the athletes in the ancient Olympics competed naked, and women were not allowed to compete, or even watch, unless they were a relative of one of the athletes. The ancient games were held only in Olympia, which is in Greece. Today they are held all over the world, from the first modern Olympics in Athens, to last year's Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. In the ancient games there was no age restriction, like there is now, In the modern games you have to be older than 15 years old. However, to compete in the ancient games, all you had to be was a male who was born in Greece. Today, people from all sorts of countries come, and compete as long as they meet the requirements. Women were allowed in the Olympics as athletes starting

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