Analytical Essay, Bowling for Columbine

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Moore Money Michael Moore is a prominent filmmaker who mainly bases his work around documentaries. Moore’s most famous piece of work is his influential documentary “Bowling for Columbine” however it contains insidious manipulation and ruthless misdirection of the audience. By Rene Zacchini “Bowling for Columbine” is a documentary based in the exploration of gun violence in American society. Moore uses the 1999 Columbine High School massacre as his hook to draw the viewers in by highlighting the death of young students by guns. However many viewers do not realise that documentaries are only a version of reality. Moore exploits this ignorance by employing the elements of documentary construction to create a misleading and manipulating relationship between the filmmaker and his audience. Constructing Lies! The first way in which he uses the construction process is by incorporating shot construction. This creates an impression between the director and viewers giving a more desired effect. Moore uses low and high camera angles to capture emotion and show specific people as important or unimportant. High camera angle throughout this film is used to show the lack of importance of a subject or to simply make one look weak and insignificant. Low camera angle is incorporated into many scenes. In the scene where Moore successfully wins the battle against K-Mart selling bullets he is viewed by a low camera angle, which implies his power and capability. However the most important use of camera angles is when Michael Moore targets Charlton Heston. When the NRA rally comes to town, footage is shot with a low camera angle to emphasise Charlton Heston’s power and authority. However after his interview with Michael Moore, a high camera angle is employed which takes power away from Heston. When he shuffles away after being exploited and exposed on film Heston appears

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