Analysis of the Choice Between Black and White Dolls

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Analysis of the Choice between Black and White Dolls Yuqing Feng wrote an article about young black girls choosing white dolls and how it is a demonstration of the girls having self-esteem problems. According to Feng’s article entitled “Why black Girls Still Prefer White Dolls”, many African Americans do not believe that black is beautiful. Saying this, it is believed that many African American’s self-esteems are suffering. In 1954, Clark performed a test that involving showing a select group of African American children a black doll and a white doll and asking the black children which doll they preferred. Majority of the children chose the blue eyed blonde locked doll unsurprising at the time. In the same test of 2005, Kiri Davis did the same thing for a documentary and discovered that the results haven’t changed much at all. This paper will analyze the issue of how black children really view themselves and why they chose the white dolls over the black. Within fifty-one years, two tests where given to a selection of children to see which doll was most preferred by the community. It was no shocker that in 1954 the white doll was chosen, but in over five decades later, it was surprise and hurt lying on the hearts of many people when it was discovered that little black girls still feel the same way after the black communities have come a long way since 1954. In this part of the article, Feng uses both logos and pathos. This was a great way to start the article. It greatly supports what is mentioned about the issue. Feng was very persuasive by using the form of emotional appeal. Feng quoted in the article, “The film has left audiences across the country stunned and has reignited a powerful debate over race.” Really the issue seems to be that the white dolls were made more appealing than the black dolls. Little black girls feel that the white

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