Rhetorical Analysis

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The expert I chose to analyze is an essay by Beverly Daniel “Why Are All the Black kids sitting Together in the Cafeteria?” The essay itself focuses on black and white people’s relations as a child and adolescence. Even though the entire essay is an answer to the title, “Why Are All the Black kids sitting Together in the Cafeteria?” the essay explains why and how racism develops from elementary school to middle school. When kids are young, they don’t look at their friend’s skin color, but as they get older and move on to middle school they begin to hang with people of their own color. Daniel’s purpose for writing this essay is to answer the question “Why Are All the Black kids sitting Together in the Cafeteria?” she also shows her readers where the division between races with teens first begins. In her essay she doesn’t only blame the whites, or the blacks; she mentions how the environment shapes the teenage mind when it comes to race. Some People are being racist without knowing that they are being racist. She used a lot of examples to prove her readers that she’s right. She mentions that white people don’t say racist comments directly, but they would use racism stereotypes such as, “you should consider community college” or “I know you people love to dance” (Daniel 361). These are good examples that she uses because it’s something that we all hear once in a while. She also uses students’ experiences to convince her audience. The most that struck out to me was the quotes she used from black students. “It was weird, even in high school a lot of black students were like “Well, you’re not really black”. Whether it was because I became president of the sixth-grade class or whatever it was, it started pretty much back then. Junior high school, it got worse. I was then labeled certain things, whether it was: the Oreo” or I wasn’t really black.” (362). I believe
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