Analysis of I’m Going! a Comedy in One Act

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Analysis of I’m Going! A Comedy in One Act Analysis of I’m Going! A Comedy in One Act The play I’m Going! A Comedy in One Act was written by Tristan Bernard, a French playwright. The play is short and focuses on two people, Henri and his wife Jeanne. Henri is looking forward to going out to the horse races for amusement and Jeanne makes a fuss about being left alone. The play takes a turn when she tells him to go ahead and go and says that she will be going somewhere else as well. There are no direct jokes through the play although it is a comedy. The comedic factor comes from the consistent back and forth between the characters about the plans for the day. The antagonizing of the husband by the wife is where the comedic factor lies in this play which means it is supposed to represent a farce comedy. A farce is a comedy that is based on exaggerations of events that may happen in real life. The amount of times that the couple in Bernard’s play go back and forth about the plans for the day, whether or not he will attend a horserace and how she will spend her time, is where the comedy comes from in this story. The fact that the wife at the end, reveals that she had planned to stay at home and trim hats for the day, further makes the situation seem exasperating for the husband because all of the arguments were for nothing except the sake of arguing. Also, the subtle humor that develops when the wife prepares to send a telegram to a friend and does not protest her husband’s choice of how he spends his day, resulting in him proclaiming that she is going to meet another man is a subtle way of making fun of the jealousy that some men show in their relationships. The work caught my attention because I found it funny myself when I read it. I would have been able to see the humor, even if it had not been listed as a comedy in the title. It seems that the events
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