Analisys of Romeo and Juliet Dire Straits

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Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits In Dire Straits’ “Romeo and Juliet”, Romeo sings out on the street underneath his ex-girlfriend’s window, Juliet. He tries to win her back with his song, but she is not amused about it. In the chorus, Romeo admits to the fact that it perhaps was not only Juliet’s fault, but that their fate perhaps had something to do with ruining the happy ending that the movies promise. The song ends with the same verse it started with. Romeo is once again standing down on the street with a very direct question: “You and me, babe, how about it? Dire Straits’ song “Romeo And Juliet” does not end with the famous original dramatic end. What it does end up with is a hurt but strong heart, and that is something Shakespeare’s plays can certainly relate to. With the song title “Romeo and Juliet”, Mark Knopfler gives us a great amount of knowledge about who the characters are, and what this song is about. Mark imports meaning through the reference to the play and its characters. If the song had two different names as the title, he had to describe the setting and scene more. With the bad pickup line: “you and me babe how about it”, Mark suggests that Romeo is a pretty hopeless romanticist. “He’s underneath the window she’s singing hey la my boyfriend’s back”. “Underneath” settles that we have Juliet on a balcony, just like in the original Shakespeare play, or at least a window. She refers to Romeo as her boyfriend, although he really is her ex, which we can se later in the song, and says: “You shouldn’t come around here singing up at people like that”, rejecting Romeo and denies connection between them by referring herself as “people”. She reinforces her rejection with the challenge: “Anyway what you gonna do about it?” She does not want him around, and that is the last we hear from Juliet in the song. “Juliet the dice were loaded from the start” indicates

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