An Exegesis of Exodus 32.1-18 with an Emphasis on Leadership

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Exegesis Paper An exegesis of exodus 32.1-18 with an emphasis on leadership Words 2000 Submitted to In partial fulfilment to the requirements for the module BDTS111 Pentateuch April 2009 partnership with the University of Wales Lampeter From reading the passage of Exodus 32.1-18 many questions arise. However this paper will be an exegesis of the passage with a specific focus on the question of leadership and the role that leaders are meant to play. From the passage there appears to be two leaders, or even arguably three based on Moses’ statement to God in verse 11 where he points out that it was actually God that brought the Israelites out of Egypt. It is the roles of these three in this passage that I would like to examine. Verse 1: The people gather around Aaron making their discomfort at the fact that Moses has not been seen for a considerable amount of time, and ask him to make them gods in the manner that they were accustomed to in Egypt. Aaron would appear to be a leader of the people as they seem to look to him for permission. The language used by the people in reference to Moses seems to be very dismissive of what has been done for them thus far, as such it is fair to question whether they respected Moses as a leader or appreciated what he had done for them. Moses had been gone for a considerable period of time and it is possible that the people had become uneasy that the person that had mediated for them with God was gone for so long and they feared he was dead. Verse 2-5: Aaron agrees to the peoples request and requests from them their golden jewellery in order to make the idol, and moulds it into the golden calf before declaring to the people that this is the God that had brought them out of Egypt. There is no indication that Aaron objected to the request put to him. He then builds

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