An Essay on Guy de Mauspassant's The Necklace

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Guy de Maupassant’s The Necklace weaves the tale of an attractive middle class woman, Mathilde, who longs to live in wealth and decadence. Using irony and symbolism, The Necklace shows just how dangerous longing for wealth and all its luxuries cab be. In The Necklace Mathilde’s husband acquires an invitation to a lavish ball, when presented with the invitation, Mathilde instead of reacting joyfully as her husband expected, merely threw the invitation down and mournfully muttered that she has no dress suited for this ball. So Mathilde’s husband allows her to buy a dress using the money he was saving to buy a gun. Although she now has a wonderful dress, Mathilde realizes that she has no jewelry that can match the dress’s elegance. Mathilde’s husband recommends she wears flowers with her dress, they’re affordable and in style. But alas, Mathilde knows there’s “nothing more humiliating than looking poor among other women who are rich." So Mathilde goes to see her rich friend Madame Forestier, to ask if she can borrow some jewelry for the ball. After going through Madame Forestier’s jewelry Mathilde finds nothing acceptable, until Mathilde found a beautiful diamond necklace in a black satin box. At the ball Mathilde was ‘prettier than anyone else, stylish, graceful, smiling, and wild with joy’. Every man eyed her, wishing for just one dance. Finally Mathilde had made it. At a ball thrown by the rich and privileged, Mathilde was clearly the most beautiful and elegant woman there. This ball was just the start, she’d get invited to more parties, and she would leave her agonizing middle class life behind, and she would become a member of the highest class. But by the time Mathilde got home she realized she had lost the necklace. Mathilde and her husband spent a week retracing their steps looking for the necklace. Mathilde told her friend she broke a link of the necklace
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