Feathers From A Thousand Li Away Analysis

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Feathers From A Thousand Li Away is about a woman who goes to America for a better life for her daughter. Her daughter becomes very Americanized and gains respect but can only speak english and her mother cannot. The Joy Luck Club is about a girl taking over her mothers position in a club that she had started. Her mother started the club back in China to get away from the outside world and have fun and relax. However, her mother thought of her daughter as a failure and they did not get along very well. The parable connects to this chapter because in both the mothers came to America for a better life for their children but it did not turn out how they wanted it to. Scar is about a girl who is raised by her grandmother, brother, aunt, and uncle. Her father died and her mother was a dishonor to the family who left An-mei when she was a little girl. Her mother became a polygamist in China and therefore disgraced herself. She never knew her mother well except from the few times she saw her and the stories her grandma told of her. In this An-mei learns about sacrifice from her mother. This story is like the parable because her mother transforms herself into something totally different. The Red Candle is about a Chinese girl named Lindo whose parents chose a husband for her when she was only two years old. She accepted this and married…show more content…
Waiting Between the Trees is about Ying-ying who was a wild girl when she was young. She was raised in a wealthy family and her mother always told her that she would bring shame to their family. After her first husband left her for an opera singer she went to America to start a new life. She met a man named St. Clair and knew that she would marry him but could not love him. She eventually learned that she must let go of her past and love this new man. This story relates to the parable because Ying-ying became pregnant, got left, and got an abortion. She lost her innocence very fast and realized that the world was
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