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Agribusiness is one of the many degrees associated with agriculture. Agribusiness is an industry engaged in the producing operations on a farm the manufacture and distribution of farm supplies, and the processing, storage, and distribution of farm commodities. This may or may not include farming, seed supply, agrichemicals, farm machinery sales, wholesale and distribution, and retail sales. Many students raised on a farm either go into some kind of agriculture or completely leave the family tradition. With the agriculture industry, agribusiness is rapidly growing. You may not realize it but if you live on or manage a farm you are operating a business. You have to know how to manage the purchases on your farm such as, if you are ordering seed to grow your crops, if you are fertilizing your fields or just purchasing hay for your animals. You need to be proficient in math and English when managing a farm as in any business. There have been many advances in science, especially in biotechnology and health, are creating new career opportunities (Agribusiness). As an agribusiness major you are able to perform many jobs. You must have good public relations to be successful in agribusiness. There are many different jobs that a person with a degree in agribusiness can occupy. The broad training that an undergraduate Dennis 2 receives in economics is highly desired by many large companies. Large companies love people with an economics degree because they are great problem solvers. Economic majors have to learn specific skills that will enhance their performance in managerial decision making; for example: demand theory and estimation, production, and cost theory, analysis of market structure, antitrust policy and many, many more. Most economic majors are working in a business within six months after graduation (Jobweb). A person with an agribusiness major will mainly

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