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Ares War, war never changes. It is the domain of the Greek god Ares, whose parents are Zeus the almighty lord of all gods, heavens and the skies and his mother Hera, the god of marriage. Each god has symbols or emblems that personify them in picture forms; Ares’ symbol is the shield, a set of battle armor and a boar; hence his nickname “The Wild Beast”. Just from these affects it is possible to conclude that he is a bloodstained, war hungry soldier. All gods also have personal weapons; Ares being a soldier is always seen using a sword. Ares is a cunning, courageous warrior capable of inspiring any of his comrades to fight to their deaths, aside from his braveness he is unseemingly cowardice at times and can be very rude and belligerent. From…show more content…
During the war of Plyos, Ares had confronted Heracles in a battle that resulted in Ares’ short demise. After the short dual between these two fierce warriors had ended Heracles reiterated the events that had taken place back to Ares’ son, Kyknos. “Even before now, I claim, he (Ares) has at one time had experience of my spear, upon that time when, above sandy Plyos, he stood up against me, raging in hard in fury of battle, and three times, under the stabling of my spear on his shield, he was knocked down upon the ground, and the fourth time, I thrust with all my rage at his thigh and split a great hole in his his body, and headlong into the dust he tumbled then, under my spearing. And there he might have been disgraced among the gods, if he had gone down under my hands and left the bloody spoils to me” (, Atsma).This myth exploits Ares’ belligerence to reach a conclusion of fighting Heracles unlike what his sister, Athena would have done; compromise. Ares sees Heracles as an adversary and engages in a battle with him first hand. This is easily perceived as rude and most definitely immature. In Spartan culture this was valued in a soldier but religiously frowned upon due to Ares’

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