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Edgar Doyet 10A English with Mrs. Creede Rewrite essay 01/27/2015 A&P close reading A&P is a popular and well-written short story by John Updike. It looks at middle-class life and values. It also talks about youth and age, consumer culture, sexuality and rebellion against society. The story is certainly funny mostly because of the spirit/thoughts and personality of the protagonist, Sammy, who speaks at the 1st person in the whole story. This short story relates brief but significant events for Sammy, three shopper teenage girls enter the grocery store, where he works, in bathing suit. Dressed for the beach, Sammy fantasize about them speculating about their personalities and private lives. The three girls rebelling against the law of society, Sammy tries to do the same by quitting his job hoping that it would catch their attention. The girls not caring about him leave without paying attention to him. The story ends with Sammy realizing the consequences of his rash decision and feeling “how hard the world was going to be for [him] hereafter”. In each rebellion, the girls and Sammy need power to rebel in certain ways, each in different world, different perspective, to make a change in their own lives. In this short story, the role and power of men and women is important. As we have Sammy’s point of view throughout the story we only know what he thinks. The narrator is not omniscient so we don’t know what the other characters thoughts are. He first says that “you never know how girls mind works (do you really think it’s a mind in there or just a little buzz like a be in a glass jar”, he’s saying with that metaphor that girls don’t have a mind and that he thinks that what they’re doing is useless. All this thoughts are at first, because he’ll change his point of view during the story. He's speculating on the mental processes of girls. Condescending

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