Freytag Pyramid- " a&P"- John Updike

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Freytag Pyramid “A & P” 1961 - John Updike 4. Crisis 3. Rising Action 5. Falling Action 2. Exposition a. Characterization b. Setting 1. Unstable situation 6. Stable Situation Reader Response: 7. Climax 8. Title Effectiveness 1. Unstable Situation * 1. Sammy a young cashier has a different point of view in his morals in relation to Mr. Lengel’s, the manager, morals about self-respect and right vs. wrong. Sammy has a naïve more liberal approach to the situation at hand while, Mr. Lengel a man of more wise and older times has a conservative injustice to his approach that Sammy feels is inappropriate. 2. Exposition a. Characterization * 1. Sammy-(Dynamic) Sammy a teenage cashier, who develops an infatuation for the leader “Queenie” of a group of girls in bathing suits who enter the A&P Grocery store where he is employed. Sammy is infatuated with these girls as they enter the store to a point that he even messes up the shoppers ring-up. Sammy then, begins to notice even the smallest detail of each girl (She had sort of oaky hair that the sun and salt had bleached, done up in a bun that was unraveling, and a kind of prim face.) (Updike, 1961, p. 335)Sammy’s mixed emotions of lust and pride lead him to quit his job after the manager criticizes the girls about their choice of attire and their self-respect. Sammy has an epiphany as he walks out the grocery store and realizes he just quit his job out of hopes of having the
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