A Good Man Is Hard to Find Essay

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February 4, 2014 A Misfit Vacation Life is filled with unexpected twists and turns, some of which are positive and others negative. In Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find, she conveys a story about an average every day family that goes through turmoil. This short story is not a story that allows you to read it half fast. You must be sure to keep in mind all the details thrown into the plot because you find out at the end, that every decision that is made throughout the story affected the turnout of the family. The story follows the point of view of grandmother, as she accompanies her family on a roadtrip to Florida. Along the way, they are met with stops and decisions, where they eventually meet their demise. O’Connor elegantly calls on various elements of fiction to assist in her story telling. O’Connor uses setting to bring the audience into a story that contains remnants of their own personal life. Through her clever use of irony, O’Connor is able to create situations that keeps the reader enticed. Finally the characters in the story push the plot along in a way that is clear and entertaining. To begin, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” takes place in Georgia, somewhere around the 1940s. Just based on the idea of a southern setting, you can assume that the family and characters involved, would have the sort of “Southern Hospitality” that so many people from down south seem to exhibit. Like many southerners, they make “polite” comments that are actually insults. You can see this when Red Sam’s wife comments about wanting June Star as her little girl. When June rudely refuses, Red Sam’s wife repeats “Ain’t she cute” almost as if she wish she were dead. During the 1940s, there was a clear divide between race in society. This may explain why June’s reaction to Red Sam’s African American wife was so rude. You can perceive the family to be of upper-class due

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