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AN ANALYSIS OF 28 DAYS 2 Individuals have distinctive techniques of coping with their particular dilemma. Some people chose to deal with their problems by talking it out with a close friend/family member, repressing their memories or problems, substance abuse, or acting out. Substance abuse occurs when an individual uses harmful elements to change or alter the way they are currently feeling. When a person has a substance abuse problem they are usually unaware of their problem or believe they don’t have an existing problem. As is portrayed in the film, 28 Days the main character displays clear signs of substance abuse as she struggles to come with her childhood trauma. 28 Days, stars Sandra Bullock as Gwen Cummings, which works as a writer for a newspaper. Cummings demonstrates signs of being an alcoholic, but later on also demonstrates a minor drug problem. From opening credits, Bullock is shown in the middle of a club drinking uncontrollably and is tripping on the floor by her surroundings, as she is leaving the club. Once arriving in her apartment her and her boyfriend proceed to have sex while both being influenced by alcohol, while moving in the bed the knock over a candle, without noticing a small fire breaks out, and once they notice they turn off the fire, and begin to laugh uncontrollably. She eventually falls asleep and forgets about her sisters wedding, which she is a bridesmaid to, and oversleeps. Once she wakes up and realizes she is late she starts rushing, but stops by her fridge to have a beer and brings a beer with her in the cab to continue drinking. By her forgetting the importance of her planned activities for the day she starts to demonstrate one of the signs of alcohol abuse, which is role impairment. This is when a person fails to complete their obligations due to their abuse. AN ANALYSIS OF 28 DAYS 3 Once arriving late to the

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