The Causes And Effects Of Unemployment In America

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The Cause and Effects of Unemployment in America Larry Lane Jr Composition 2-34 Denna Shehata 10/29/2011 In the past thirty years, there has been a decline in finding employment back in the eighties employment was just starting to get worse. Nevertheless, some thirty years later, jobs have become much harder to obtain. In addition, this is why I choose to write about unemployment, how it has affected me personally, and how it is affecting millions of unemployed Americans. The cause and effects of finding work in the United States has been a hot topic because unemployment has been affecting many Americans. During the eighties and nineties, the United States experienced a lower level in unemployment. However, in the past three years unemployment in the country has risen to over ten percent. The Percentage is the highest it has raised in the country for more than twenty years earlier. The unemployment in America has not just affected just one class of Americans its affecting the rich, middleclass and the lower class. Those that are willing and want to find available work find themselves unable to get job interviews (Cause and Effects of Unemployment Rakoczy, C 2009). Unemployment affects people psychologically and some of the problems they could have is short term and long-term memory loss. Some people begin to develop a lack of self-esteem and confidence when a person becomes unemployed, his or her confidence reduces and many times leads to lack of interest. Stress can also become a major obstacle while someone is unemployed the problem with stress is that it can become proportional to the time of unemployment. Having bad health can begin and you can begin to have physical effects on the body. Some unemployed individuals have a tendency not to take care of their health while they are unemployed. There have also been cases of suicidal tendencies from unemployed

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