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Teaching and Teaching Strategies (Us and China) Essay

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Below is an essay on "Teaching and Teaching Strategies (Us and China)" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


In China:

To Become a Teacher:
In order to become a teacher in Mainland China, it is necessary for senior-middle-school teachers to be graduates with two additional years of training in a professional institution [2]. Primary-school teachers need to be graduates of secondary schools [2].

Teaching Strategies:
Different teaching strategies are employed in China as compared to the United States. In China, if a student is having difficulty grasping concepts in math class, the teacher may ask the student to come in front of the class to try to solve a problem so that the teacher and other students can help the student to correct his or her mistakes. If the student needs additional help, he will stay after school and work one-on-one with the teacher. The student's parents will also be involved and will help him with his math homework when he gets home from school, and on the weekends as well.

Data shows that students in Chinese schools, students perceive their classroom environments to be competitive and teacher-controlled. Students feel that this is a productive route to learning [3]. Students enjoy a friendly learning atmosphere where students and teachers work together in interesting and challenging class activities [3]. Chinese students feel that a collaborative learning environment promotes deeper and achievement-oriented approach to learning, which they prefer to other approaches to learning [3].

In the U.S.:

To Become a Teacher:
To become a teacher at an American elementary, middle or high school, it is necessary for all teachers to complete a four-year undergraduate higher education program. Undergraduate education programs exist, where after four years the student has a degree in education and only needs to take a teaching certification exam in the state that they want to teach in to become a teacher. For other students, post undergraduate education, future teachers need to complete a...

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