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The definition of a slum varies from one form to another depending on the background or country from which an individual comes from. Someone from a rich country may define slums as old run down buildings, whereas someone from a poor country will define slums as un-serviced haphazard constructions . The universal definition of a slum as found in the dictionary is said to be a heavily populated urban area characterized by substandard housing and filth . Slums are seen as a purely physical phenomenon. Slums are populated by two groups of people, the poor and the strangers . Since in slums there is a lack of cleanliness, serious diseases can spread easily and quickly. Slum inhabitants go through many problems, a few being they lack of public transit, constant migration, lack of water, no sewage or solid waste facilities, pollution, and shelter shortages . They also face poor ventilation, due to a lack of windows and electricity. They also tend to establish homes on unused land that is usually privately owned or government owned land. Therefore a concise definition for a slum would be a crowded urban area, marked by poverty, where living conditions are very bad and in poor condition .


                                        seasons in india

India is a large country. It extends over an area of several thousand square miles. Its climate differs from state to state. The seasons in the South are different from those in the North. But three are four main seasons that are common to the whole India. They are the summer, the rainy season, the winter and the spring.
The summer seasons begins from the month of April and lasts upto the end of June. The sun shines at its brightest and there is intense heat. People perspire all over. In the day, hot winds, called 'loo', blow and many die of heat stroke. People like to wear their white clothes. Kurtas of mulmul are the popular articles of clothing in this season. While at home, people like to remain half-naked....

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