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My Hometown Essay

  • Submitted by: liqian8974
  • on April 29, 2012
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I grew up in a small city in the Southwest China. The city is divided by our mother river named Fujiang. The river is flowing slowly and it is scrupulously clean. The Fujiang River is a tributary from the Yangtze, which rises in the Sichuan Xuebaoding Hills. In the distance rose the Fujiang Bridge, it is a tall and magnificent symbolic bridge. In the evening, the lights on the bridge are all full on, like a rainbow across the Fujiang River. Standing on the bridge, we can look at the whole view of the town below. The thick city lights makes the city lit up as bright as day.

There are many restaurants stands by the river in a very beautiful place where a lot people usually like to have meals. There are ships lay inshore but it is too small for them to sail on the river. The Chinese people came up with a brilliant idea: to refit the ship into a riverside restaurant. In that case, people can enjoy the dinner while listening to the sound of the running water nearby them, which marks an idyllic scene of our relaxed way of living. I just need to start off from my home and walk over the lawn to arrive at the river.

The path beside the river is my favorite place, as it has every footprint of mine and witnessed my growth. The most lasting scene in my memory is that my dad took me and my dog to fly kite on the lawn by the river. I ran and ran with heaving the rope, despite that the kite could not successfully fly. The river was looking at me quiet still, like a very loving mother watching her own child playing. When I got tired, I went to the riverside and washed my face with the river water.

After I went to school, there was no enough time for me to play by the river as I had so much homework to do. But I was still sitting in front of my desk, watching the riverside view from the window, the children were playing by the river happily, the couples were sitting on the bench with heads close together, and the old people were walking along the bank, while talking...

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