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Future Job Essay

  • Submitted by: unknowny
  • on April 10, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Choosing a future job is a very important step in your life because you future will depend on that. I strongly believe that a profession should be chosen with great care and that it should not be taken lightly. Your future job is something that you enjoy doing because you will be doing it for many years to come. So as we can see on the diagram the fact that you are feeling happy in your work is the most important preference among teenagers. But on the other hand earning a lot of money is also an important factor in the chosen future job. The least preferable and probably rather insignificant factor is that you are your own boss.
Speaking about me there is only one kind of job I would like to have. I want to be an engineer. I consider that this profession suits me the most, because I am good at mathematics, physics and other exact sciences. To be a good specialist in this profession first of all I need to be well-bred, intelligent and energetic. Furthermore, an engineer’s profession demands from me a great patience and industry as an engineer has a responsible work. What is more, it is necessary for me to get a good education at school and then to graduate from university with a bachelor's degree in engineering.
Nowadays young people choose their future professions when at school. There are special teachers who help them by giving advices how to choose them the most suitable profession. It is impossible to say if it is right to follow advices of teachers and parents or not. The one thing which is true is that you are your life’s builder and it’s your own choice how to live your life or for example, where to work. In my opinion working abroad is better than in our country because there are more places to work and jobs are well-paid.
All in all, your future is in your hands so don’t ruin it.

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