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Cognitive Behavior Approach Essay

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  • on July 30, 2012
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Module 2: Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach


Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach
1) In an essay of 1,250–1,500 words, discuss the models, procedures, effectiveness, and limitations of the cognitive behavioral approach with EBD children.
2) Discuss each of the following components and how they interrelate:
a) Emotions
b) Thoughts
c) Behaviors
3) Discuss the effectiveness and the limitations of this approach.
4) Include relevant information on teaching social skills.
5) What considerations are important to consider when developing curriculum, approaches, and assessments. (Include specific information pertaining to FBA.)

Schools will always be filled with students who have needs.   According to IDEA we must provide appropriate education to meet the needs of all students.   These students come to us with leaning, behavioral, social emotional issues- some might be at risk and in need of strategies and supports. There would be far fewer discipline problems and behaviors requiring corrections and discipline if the student’s basic needs are being met within the classroom. Particularly with more challenging students, it is helpful to find what the student is getting from the misbehaving, that is, which goals or functions are being met when misbehaving and help the student meet their for appropriate rather than inappropriate behaviors.   These are the students that need attention and interventions.   To get in touch with and educate these students effectively educators need to be trained in appropriate instructional and structured strategies in order to implement modifications and accommodations for these students.   Classroom teachers are not expected to know which are the best strategies and techniques to try or what are recommended practices for addressing the needs of our diverse learners without assistance and support. School support professionals as well as administrators, must be available and...

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