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Bobo Doll Experiment Essay

  • Submitted by: emhadaway
  • on August 18, 2011
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1961 Bobo doll experiment:
Conducted by Albert Bandura and colleagues in 1961, the study investigated whether children’s behaviours would be influenced by those they observed in an adult model.  

Bandura had a number of predictions/hypothesis’s about the outcomes of the Bobo Doll Experiment, fitting with his views on the theories of social learning;
-Children witnessing an adult role model behaving in an overly aggressive manner would be likely to replicate similar behaviour themselves, even if the adult was not present.
-Subjects who had observed a non-aggressive adult would be the least likely to show violent tendencies, even if the adult was not present. They would be even less likely to exhibit this type of aggression than the control group of children, who had seen no role model at all.
-Children would be much more likely to copy the behaviour of a role model of the same sex. He wanted to show that it was much easier for a child to identify and interact with an adult of the same gender.
-Male children would tend to be more aggressive than female children, because society has always tolerated and advocated violent behaviour in men more than women.

The experimental design used was ‘independent groups’, as the participants were divided into three groups, to which each group underwent a different condition of the experiment. An independent group’s measure was most appropriate as due to the nature of the experiment, the subject level of aggressiveness would affect their behaviour and influence the results, therefore creating a balance of aggressiveness across the groups was necessary. Independent groups measure also aids in eliminating order effects,that is as participants were only exposed to the experiment conditions once and therefore could not did not show any enhancement or impairment of behaviour with the toys due to previous experience. Independent groups also meant that groups could be tested simultaneously, and as there were 72 participants...

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