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Arab Spring Summary

  • Submitted by: embaybay
  • on May 1, 2012
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“Arab Spring”

The “Arab Spring “ is a series of revolutionary uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. Tunisia was the first country to undergo protest in December 2010. Mohamed Bouazizi, a young street vendor, set himself on fire in front in Tunisia’s capital after his vegetable cart was confiscated. Mohamed’s self-immolation sparked various violent street demonstrations later resulting in the fall of their president and government. News about Mohamed and the uprising in Tunisia quickly spread with the help of social networking. The Internet helped accelerate the social protest. Eventually over fifteen fellow countries began to protest against their corrupt governments, unemployment, inflation, and human right violations. Citizens hoped to achieve democracy, human rights, and regime change. Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Libya are four different countries that have over thrown their governments while others continuing to protest against their governments. Due to the social media, the Arab Spring has received much support from fellow nations and has begun to influence other nations.   The “Arab Spring” is slowly beginning to influence South Asia and India along with Latin America to rise up against their governments.


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