Why Is Women's Suffrage Important In The 19th Century

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Jane Padilla Padilla1 U.S.A History 101 Abstract Ed Gomez During the 1900’s the issue of women suffrage began with women fighting for their rights to vote. Men on the other hand were not allowing women to have the right to vote with anything that pertained to politics. Secondly, this subject relates to my history 101 class because it touches the aspect of discrimination towards another human being also this is sexiest, for example how African Americans were treated they had no rights not even to vote. African Americans were considered not even a whole human being but ¾ of a human being. Women wanted to be treated as whole human being to be equal and have full right as citizens. Women were fighting to mold new democracy if blacks were granted suffrage shouldn’t women be allowed the same justice to walk along their side. On the other hand men were suppressing women in similar form assuming women were…show more content…
Carrie was appointed by long time suffrage leader Susan B Anthony to take over and she did after Susan B Anthony passed away Carrie continued the amazing movement Susan had started to gain women equal and full rights as citizen. Carrie put endless time along with other suffragist towards the nineteenth amendment to the United States constitution which gave us women the right to vote in 1920 which was in fact a victory. She was the president of the National American Women Suffrage Association and other clubs known as League of Women Voters and International Alliance of Women. Carrie passed away at age 88 in New Rochelle in 1947. Carrie is an important aspect to our history because she finished the job Susan started and till this day all women should be grateful that many women fought to guarantee women the right to

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