Why do people go shopping

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Why do people shop Job: TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENTS 2 Introduction 3 Previous investigations 5 The study aims and methods 7 Discoveries 8 Recognize the purchasing motives 8 1. Spend time 8 2. Gymnastics / relaxation / stimulation 9 3. Expression of temperament 10 4. Information gathering 11 5. Secondary event 12 6. Shopping as a social event 12 7. Comparative shopping, 12 8. Shopping as a special event 13 The study concluded 14 Introduction Retailers' revenue depends on two variables - the flow of customers and average buyer spent a sum of money. Retailers who can motivate buyers go shopping should attract more buyers flows. This work describes the reasons for the purchase and reveals that the product purchases are not the only motive for the pursuit of buyers go shopping. Shopping satisfy many customers' needs and only some of which are related to the money issue. New Zealand twenty years ago were often tells jokes about the airplane, skraidinančio passengers from Europe to New Zealand, the hostess. Before allowing the airplane to the airport Ouklando hostess announces: "Airplane passengers please extinguish their cigarettes, of safety belts and turn on their watches twenty years ago" This story was related to one of New Zealand held the dispute. Ginčytasi was on the Saturday trade. Until 1976-the year the vast majority of shop opening hours were restricted from nine am to six sides from Monday to Friday, plus was allowed one day per week, selectively, in the evening. However, in 1976-was released in stores these Labor Time Act, which extended the working hours of shops, allowing the shops from Monday to Friday from the septic work in the morning to nine evening. The government was reassured that customers want to extend shopping hours although this time the
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