Who Is Lady Macbeth Powerful

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Powerful. Strong-minded. Imposing. Lady Macbeth a woman of greatness? Lady Macbeth is seen as an ambitious and passionate woman at the start of the play. Shakespear portrays her as an all powerful and controlling women. A women fit to be a queen. However, lady Macbeths confidence and self esteem does not last for long. As the play progresses, lady Macbeth loses her evil facade and starts to show signs of strain. Her sudden change in character might seem to shock the audience as she changes from confident and in control, to insecure, desperate and uncontrollable... Shakespear is especially successful in creating Lady Macbeth’s character to appeal to the wide 17th century audience. her controlling, queen-like character at the beginning of the play could please the higher class people as they could relate to her status…show more content…
This also gives the audience the impression that she is almost turning into a witch herself and this might have please and interested the audience as people of the 17th century believed in witchcraft. Lady Macbeth knows that she will have to urge her husband on to become king, and so she calls for evil spirits to help her: “come you spirits...unsex me here” this phrase also shows us how she is willing to give up all the gentle qualities of a woman and let the devil possess her body and soul. She also then calls upon the night shrouded in “the dunnest smoke of hell” to hide her murdering dagger from the sight of heaven and so go forth with the terrible deed. The audience would be taken back here as the soliloquy reveals her sinister and malevolent character. Shakespeare uses a lot of disturbing words in Lady Macbeth’s speech such as: ‘Fatal’, ‘Mortal’ , ‘Gall’ and ‘Knife’. These words might again slightly startle the audience as al lthe words are associated with death and implies to them that lady macbeth has homicidal thoughts on her
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