What Is the Meaning and Purpose of Human Life? Essay

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For me the main purpose for human life is to enjoy the things God made. we are made to Worship the Lord our God. But other human being crossed the lane. They abused God’s creations, but we can’t blame them, we as human we make mistakes. As they say nobody is perfect and yes it’s true even if you are a saint or a nun everybody makes mistake and they are also sinners. Human life is very important because it is given by God. But for me Life is an obstacle that every human must face, it’s our journey to find what’s best for us or what suits us. A person is not put here for a reason. A person is put here for a purpose. We were put on the earth for us to find the main reason of living ,we are put here to find out what is our mission. We have discovered millions of things that are amazing aspects of our existence. The more we continue to discover, the more it reinforces that we are here for a purpose. To some yes life is meaningful but others doesn’t agree but it is up to you how you look upon the MEANING of life, For me it has meaning, why? Because in the first place why would you be here on earth? If we have no purpose , we have no reason in existing on earth if we have no purpose. Everything has reasons behind it. We are created to be the care taker of Gods creations. That is the only thing that humankind cannot seem to
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