What Is John's Insanity In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote a piece named “The Yellow Wallpaper”, where the narrator of the story is vividly entangled in her imagination causing her artistic impulses to consume her emotions. She is a “closet psychotic” as she does not disclose this infatuation of the yellow wallpaper to anyone around her. Charlotte Perkins Gilman writes a complex story where the narrator is trapped in her secret obsession of unraveling what’s inside this “yellow wallpaper”, which then drives her imaginative creativity, into insanity. The narrator begins by informing the reader how she and her family have recently started to stay in a new house for a little while so she may receive complete rest. This respite was prescribed to her by her husband, a physician.…show more content…
Furthermore, John refuses to acknowledge anything pertaining to her mental state which causes her to become angry with him. As her obsession of the yellow wallpaper grows deeper, so also does her insanity; although in this case her anger seems “perfectly understandable” (Schumaker 594). Moreover she begins to harbor animosity and resentment towards her husband because of his refusal to listen to her. John’s love for the narrator is never questioned, but his stark ignorance to the situation is undeniable. As the story continues the narrator constantly studies the wallpaper, and begins to believe that there is a woman trapped behind it. She thinks she sees the woman escape from the wallpaper at night, and tries to watch her from the window as the mysterious woman creeps around the yard outside. The narrator reveals that she begins to lurk like the woman, but only behind closed doors. In addition, one night the narrator believes she sees the woman shaking the yellow wallpaper trying to be set free; the narrator then attempts to release her by ripping the wallpaper off of all the walls. When doing this, the narrator determines she, herself, was also from behind the
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