Understanding the Safe Handloing of Medicines

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Assessment 2 Supply, Storage and Disposal of Medication. Question 1. Identify the purpose of a precription:- A prescription can be identified as legally authorised written instruction by a prescribing officer to a pharmacist to dispense medication. Question 2. Carla has received a delivery of medication from the pharmacy. List the information that she should check prior to storing the medication away:- a) The dispensed medication has the correct service users name on the label/prescription. b) The dispensed medication is the same as that is on the label/prescription. c) The quantity received is the same as that on the label/prescription d) The strength is the same as that on the label/prescription e) The form of medication is the same as that on the label prescription. Question 3 When booking medication in, which five pieces of information must be recorded? 1) Date of receipt 2) Name, strength and dosage of the medication 3) Quantity received plus any carried over from the last prescription renewal. 4) Name of the service user for whom the medication was prescribed. 5) Signature of the member of staff who received and checked the medication. Question 4. Describe the procedure that should be followed to renew a repeat prescription:- a) The manager or the designated officer raises a prescription renewal form which is sent to the G.P. b) The G.P. authorises the prescription for the requested medication. c) Depending on local policy and the agreement between the G.P., pharmacy and the care setting, the prescription will either be directly forwarded to the contracted pharmacist for dispensing, or it will be returned to the care setting from where it will be taken to the pharmacist. d) If the prescription is returned to the care setting, the manager or designated person should check the prescription to ensure that all the details have

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