Tybalt Analysis

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Character analysis Tybalt Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet is influenced by many different characters. Each one contributes to the story in an unique way. Some do it in a positive and others ones in a negative way. Maybe you have met a person who has a dark and depressing aura. Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, definitely has one. He is the only character who has primarily negative character traits. Tybalt’s actions, and, furthermore, his death in Romeo and Juliet, destroys the possibility of Romeo and Juliet being together. He proves his loyalty to his family, the Capulets, by defending its honor. Unfortunately, he does not see that this feud only harms his kin. He causes the families’ fight to escalate, and modifies the story so much that it ultimately leads to many of the characters’ deaths. Tybalt tries everything to hurl the city of Verona into a civil war. Instead of accepting the peace between the houses that old Capulet tries to create, Tybalt can’t accept that Romeo and other Montagues gatecrashed the party of the Capulets. Tybalt tells his servant “Now, by the stock and honor of my kin, to strike him dead I hold not a sin.” (P. 55 lines 66-67) Although Romeo never harmed Tybalt, he still wants to kill Romeo because he showed up at his party because Tybalt uses Romeo as a scapegoat for all the Montagues. By saying this, Tybalt just doomed Romeo and Juliet to their deadly fate because nothing can persuade Tybalt to end his hatred, and he states clearly that he wants to kill Romeo. When He confronts Romeo on the streets of Verona, Romeo tells him, that he doesn’t wants to fight with him, and Tybalt answers “Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries that thou hast done to me.” (P 119 lines 67-68) He didn’t even know that Romeo just married his cousin, but he makes Romeo responsible for everything the Montagues have done. Tybalt’s impulsiveness leads to
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