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When the typical sports enthusiast thinks about golf, they don’t just think about the beautiful courses located around the world. Instead, they think solely on Tiger Woods and his well-known pumped fist celebration to one of his many great shots. He did what was thought of as impossible by winning four major titles in a row at just 25 years of age. Starting golf just as he began to walk and becoming what he is today while facing racism and discrimination is the finest example of determination and perseverance in the sports world to this day. He was born on December 30, 1975 and started carrying his putter around with him instead of a rattle at just 18 months old. He appeared on the Mike Douglas Show at age 2 and putted with comedian Bob…show more content…
Top prizes for winning an event can be more then half a million dollars with other top scores still earning thousands. Over the course of a year, a top golfer can earn millions. Top golfers can also make 6 digit numbers just by agreeing to compete overseas. In Tiger’s first 10 years of professional golf, he’s earned more than 65 million dollars in PGA TOUR wins alone. And then there are his product endorsements. Tiger received his biggest and most well-known deal before he had even won his first professional event when he was offered a five-year, $40 million agreement with a $7.5 million signing bonus with Nike. His most common golfing attire is a collared shirt with a matching hat both sporting the Nike trademark “swoosh.” After the first five-year contract with Nike ended in 2000, Tiger signed a five-year extension with Nike for $105 million. It was the largest endorsing deal ever signed by an athlete. He also has had endorsing deals with companies including: General Motors, General Mills, Buick, Titleist, American Express, and Accenture. His Buick endorsement was reportedly for over $40 million. With his prize money and endorsement checks, Tiger Woods became one of the most paid athletes in the world earning more then $220 million in 10 years of being a professional golfer. Tiger Woods has many career achievements. He has 16 major championships and 61 PGA TOUR wins, 7 of them consecutive and 9 of them in one year.

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