There Is More to Camping Than Cooking and Insects Essay

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There is More to Camping than Cooking and Insects In Ernest Hemingway’s’ article “When You Campout, Do it Right”, he talks mostly about cooking and mosquitos. He references cooking by different methods and by using different foods. Though he points out the obvious things to do when camping, he leaves out the important items and steps that one must do to have a successful campout. For those of us who have been camping many times in our lives, we know that having a pre-camping checklist is vital to every camper’s success. I taught camping for many years and I used the methods that my teachers taught me to take my family camping. These methods have proven to be successful and ensure an enjoyable campout and should assist anyone wanting to camp. Before you go camping, sit down and prepare a pre-campout checklist for the campout. Knowing your weather and environment in the area you plan to camp is just as important as what to cook and how to ward off insects. Even if a person has never been camping, they should still be able to build a fire, cook, set up camp and set up a sanitation area for health reasons. Proper camping equipment will always include a tent, sleeping bag, insect repellent, first aid kit, cooking equipment, lanterns, flashlights, food and matches. These are the basic needs and for the real outdoorsman the only thing you will need for a simple campout. But the more you camp the more experience you will gain on what you will and will not need to function successfully while camping. Even though every individual needs will be different, but taking ideas from others and adapting them to your way of camping can enhance your way of doing things. Hemingway talks of proper bedding and a good night’s sleep so you will enjoy your trip. This is good but how do would you go about doing that? Your first priority is to set up camp when you arrive. First thing you

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