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The Struggle To Be An All-American Girl Essay

  • Submitted by: dave1985
  • on March 9, 2011
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The Struggle to be an All-American Girl

“The Struggle To Be An All American Girl,” Witten by Elizabeth Wong, was about a girl struggling to cope with two different cultures. She wants to fit in – to be an American, but on the other hand he mother is trying to encourage her to learn the language of her heritage.

Wong wants to express her self the American way. In my opinion she is suggesting
that this is the only way she will be accepted by Americans , but at the same time she still
needs to deal with the ways of the Chinese. I think it is sad when she expressed her
feelings on how embarrassing the Chinese language is. She said that it was quick, it was
loud, and it was unbeautiful. My feeling are confused at the part where she wanted to
disassociate herself from her grandmother while in the grocery store. At one point I was
angered, on the other hand I can relate to the wanting of a 10 year old just trying to fit in.

At one point Wong indicated that “At last, I was one of you; I wasn’t one of them. Sadly, I still am.” meaning she finally felt she was an American, she was apart of the American culture and that she didn’t and wouldn’t want to affiliate herself with the Chinese customs. In fact she still was and will always be Chinese and apart of there ways.

It’s ironic that she thinks the culture of China is a source of embarrassment, but in reality she needs to accept the fact that she is Chinese; she is apart of what they do and no amount of wanting to be American can change that.

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