The Social Presence of Men and Women

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The Social Presence of Men and Women Ways of seeing, written by John Berger, is a book based on a four-part BBC television series. Many people involved in it because it made a great difference on art criticism. The book consists of seven chapters, four of which are essays with images and three of which are only showing images. Although it is not a long tedious text, it is very deep and meaningful. I would like to pick Chapter 3 as an example. In Chapter 3, Berger argued the difference of presence between men and women, showed us the roles women and men played in a nude painting, and talked about the influence on the development of western art. Besides, he also tried to compare and contrast the nakedness and the nude. Yet I prefer to focus on the social presence of men and women. At the beginning of Chapter 3, Berger said that “A man’s presence is dependent upon the promise of power which he embodies. If the promise is large and credible his presence is striking. If it is small or incredible, he is found to have little presence. The promised power may be moral, physical, temperamental, economic, social, sexual – but its object is always exterior to the man” (Page 45). In other words, a man’s presence depends on the power and the potential that he demonstrates to someone else in life. No one will notice him if he does not have enough confidence to show his potential. There are half of the world are man, only few of which are able to become famous. The reason why they are well known in the world is that they show their power and potential within strong confidence and be accepted by our society. It is a superficial way to look at men through the physical power, and the best way to treat men is to admire them with the deepest honor in the inner depths of our minds. The men should get ready to overcome obstacles at any time and try their best to exploit

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