The Pros And Cons Of Plagiarism

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Plagiarism Plagiarism is using others' ideas and words without clearly acknowledging the source of that information. Piracy is the unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted material Plagiarism is very common in the Internet era, webmasters and college students being the worst offenders. Many softwares and web services are available for teachers to detect it. We compiled a list of those services, and we found that most of them work by comparing strings of about 30 characters in both texts: the certified original and the suspected plagiarism. The coincidences are flagged as suspicious. Google and other web indexes take samples of a text, and extract a "fingerprint" or series of measurements of those samples. They patented the system and you can read its method. Then they compare the samples, to…show more content…
And the stronger will be your case in court, if the situation arises. That is a good reason to use Synonymizer. See examples of synonymized text using our tool: Potter, Tarzan, Crusoe , and how they elude Copyscape detection. Disclaimer This Synonym-replacing and synonym-managing software named Synonymizer is intended for stylistic purposes, avoiding excessive repetitions of words in a text. We are aware that distortion of a copyrighted text can be used to elude intellectual property claims. Prevention of Plagiarism false alarms is different from avoiding legal consequences of blatant plagiarism. We are not responsible for any misuse of our software. The authors are not liable for any incidental, indirect, or consequential damages related to the use of this software. Legal consequences of using our Synonymizer software are possible and are entirely left to the user responsibility. If you do not agree with this disclaimer please refrain from downloading the software and using it Thanks to Jonathan from the now vanished for helpful

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