The Falling Girl vs. the School

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“The falling girl” Vs. “The school” Both stories, “The falling girl” by Dino Buzzati & “The school” by Donald Barthelme, deal with the theme of life versus death. Both authors are trying to show the importance of life and how valuable life is. They prove how something has to be lost in order to make people realize the value of what was lost. “We take for granted the very things - _______________________ that most deserve our gratitude.” (Cynthia Ozick). Marta (“The falling girl”) had to lose her youth in order to realize how valuable all that time that she had as young girl was, left with a regret of all the things that she could have done. “Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; ______________ it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” (Sydney J. Harris). Marta is falling from a roof top of a skyscraper, and as she falls further down - she gets older, but she doesn’t really realize that … She has this picture in her mind of what’s “waiting for her”… “. . . fate, romance, the true inauguration of her life” (Dino Buzzati), she was so rushing to get there that she missed all the opportunities that she had, which leaves nothing but regret of all the time that got wasted, and gives so much - value for a life time well spent. “May you live every day of your

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