The Crucible Passage Analysis

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“Is selling your soul worth more than the price it may come with?” It all started in the swampy woods on what was thought to be, a shortcut, back to the home of the unfortunate Tom Walker, and this is where he meets the devil. It’s at this time the deals start, the lives ends and souls are taken. When Tom first meets the devil he rejects the idea of making a deal with him and selling his soul for the money and treasure promised. It is when Tom returns home and reports the events and deal to his greedy wife that things start to spiral out of control ____________________________________ ___________________________________ Tom’s wife being the greedy hag she was demanded that Tom take up the deal with the devil, due to the riches promised if he did. After much refusing on Tom’s part, mostly because he knew his wife wanted him to and was disgusted at the thought of doing what she wanted him to do, Tom’s wife makes her way to the spot on the trail to go sell her own soul to the devil . When Tom finally decides to go find her, he finds that all that is left of her is her heart, her liver, and her apron. Filled with joy in the fact that the devil has granted him this favor by killing his wife, he decides that a deal with the devil may not be all that bad. He calls out to the…show more content…
Tom, knowing the debt the man had with him approached him. The poor man begged Tom for an extension but tom refused. Tom, not having his bible with him, and his large bible being covered in business papers was no longer protected from the devil, spoke these last words to the man, “let the devil take me if I’ve made a farthing from you.” at the end of this sentence a knocking occurs at the door and sure enough it is the devil himself there to collect the soul of Tom Walker. The devil put Tom Walker on his black horse and whisked him
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