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Tax Research Problems 1 Instructions For this assignment, you will be submitting a Word document with solutions for the problems detailed below. These problems will be due by 11:59pm ET on Sunday. The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply CCH tax research principles to relevant scenarios. These problems should be submitted in the form of a Microsoft Word document, and labeled as follows: lastname_problems1.doc. Please label each problem and solution with the correct numbers and letters for easy reading. As this is not a formal writing assignment, APA format is not require Furthermore, there is no need to submit a title page or research page. Just include your full name at the top of the document. Problems: 1. Use the CCH IntelliConnect Federal Tax…show more content…
Where is the Notice located in the Internal Revenue Bulletin? p. Where is the Notice discussed in the tax services? q. To what Code sections does the Notice apply? Who are the principal authors of the Notice? 7. Use the CCH IntelliConnect Citator to evaluate the 1956 William George Tax Court case. r. What is the citation for the case? s. What is the title of the paragraph where George is annotated? t. What Code section is related to the George case? u. A Revenue Ruling cites the George case. What is the citation and title? How does the Revenue Ruling evaluate the George case? 8. Use CCH IntelliConnect Citator to answer the following questions: v. Find the discontinued Miscellaneous MS 347; 1950- 1 CB 281 ruling ( Hint: use CB citation to find it). What is its current standing and why? w. Find Court Decision 1787, 1955- 2 CB 511. Give the name of the cases and all of its parallel citations. x. Find the Treasury Decision 9477. Give the date it was filed with the Federal Register, Code Section to which it applies, and its effect. 9. Use the CCH IntelliConnect Citator to evaluate the 290th Revenue Ruling issued in

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